1. Do you have a transfer? How much does it cost? Can I book a pick-up from the airport or port earlier?

We do have a transfer and it depends on your destination, but it is usually 25-35 euros one way. The island only has 30 taxis at best and it is extremely difficult to find transportation and this is why we chose to have transfer only for our guests to make it as simple and comfortable as possible. During your stay to book a transfer to any place, the beach, fira etc you just send us a quick whatsapp text at your desired hour and we book the transfer for you. The transfer then waits for you at the parking lot of the hotel to take you to your desired destination. No hassle to find taxis and no frustration as all is taken care of by us. If you do not wish to go with our hotel transfer and want a different car type we also have a Cayenne Porsche at an extra 20 euros on top of base rate or a Mercedes C class at an extra 50 euros on top of base rate for the ultimate VVIP experience.

If you are arriving to the resort and require a transfer from the port/ airport make sure you email reservations@desiterra.gr with the exact arrivate date and time and the name of your ship or flight number and we will set up everything for you so our driver comes and picks you up directly when you land on the island. If you book directly, your transfer will be complimentary, if you have booked through another site, your transfer will be charged 25 euros for the airport and 35 euros for the port pick up.

Other important details, for your return transfers from your desired destination you should let us know 30-45 minutes in advance so we can find a driver in time.

2. What time is check in?

Check in is at 3 pm. However, if you come earlier and we have your villa ready we are more than happy to accommodate you and check you in earlier. In the case that check in cannot be done earlier, we 100% recommend heading down to our Eiffel pool, leaving your luggage with us at the reception, and going for a dip at the pool and getting a bite to eat at our Orano restaurant, until your room is ready! We will inform you via whatsapp when your room is ready and all will be taken care of by us! During check in we love to sit with the guest and tell them about the island and about all the activities we would be more than happy to book for the guest! The personal touch is really important to us and our guest feels it from the very first hello.

3. Why have you chosen the whatsapp communication?

Through years of experience, we have found that the best, most efficient and effective communication comes from Whatsapp. Since desiterra is where desires blossom, the guest sends us the whatsapp message and we can arrange anything from room service, private boats, maintenance help, spa appointments all in the click of a button. Moreover, when you come to the hotel the reception and concierge sends you a welcome message with a lot of information you may need. If you book an activity we will send you the time of your activity, the name of the activity or place you are going and the time of your transfer to take you to that activity. This way you don’t have to remember all the details and we take care of the details for you! Moreover, when it is time for checkout, we send you all the information you need for checkout that will help you to checkout fast and efficiently. Whatsapp allows your desire to leave your phone and come to our desiterra concierge specialists that will make all your desires blossom!

4. Can I do a late checkout? What do I do if the late checkout is not available, do you have changing rooms?

If you require a late check out, please inform us as soon as possible. Late check out comes at an extra charge of 150 euros until 3 pm and is upon availability, post 3 pm please inform the reception. If late check out is not available, we recommend that you spend the day at the pool where there are changing rooms and showers and an excellent array of food and drinks to choose from.

5. What does my breakfast include? What time is it and where? Is it a buffet?

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day as it allows your day to start beautifully! Your breakfast includes 1 dish personally made by our finest chef every morning – a great choice from pancakes to eggs benedict, French toast or yogurt, vegan bowl etc. Along with that dish comes a very fresh village bread platter with honey, butter and jam, filtered coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. If you require your Italian specialties of cappuccinos or other types of coffees they come at an extra charge but are equally as delicious! Breakfast is served 8-10:30 am everyday. If you prefer a more quiet breakfast we recommend 8 am but if you don’t mind a more busy crowd you can come at 9 or 10. The breakfast is very exclusive and private and hence we do not have a buffet to keep the aspect of privacy and of course maximize safety and personal touch.

6. Is there someone who can help me with restaurants and where to go?

Of course! Concierge is desiterra’s pride and joy! Our team is fully trained to recommend the best that Santorini has to offer. Despite recommendations being a third party, we have scowered Santorini to find the best options for our guests. We will hear what type of cuisine you enjoy and recommend the best options according to your appetite! We will then book your table directly with the restaurant in your reservation name so you won’t have to lift a finger! These restaurants are of the best on the island and are usually difficult to book if done individually but for our guests we find the way and we make sure you do not have to go through the hassle of booking anything! Leave it to us!

7. What happens if I leave at 1-6 am in the morning and need an early check out?

Leaving early in the morning may be a difficult process and we here at desiterra want to make it as easy as possible.  When you are ready to leave, please send us a whatsapp message so we can come and help you with your luggage. Please pass by at the reception and make sure you leave your key, car key if you rented a car and do your checkout process. We are here 24 hours a day for you and will make the process as easy as possible even if you plane leaves at 4 am!

8. What do I do if I need a rental car/motorcycle/quad?

During your check in process, we will make sure to ask if you require a rental. In the case that you do you let us know what rental you will like after browsing the options at our reception. You will be able to see the prices for the days you will like the rental as well as the rental options. We will call the rental company to come at the reception at your desired and most convenient time, do the rental contract with you, explain everything about your rental and hand you your rental keys. When it is time to give the rental back, you let us know with a quick whats app text and we will arrange the company to come pick it up so you won’t have to lift a finger. The rental reps speak English and will be there to assist you for any of your questions.

9. What do I do if I am preparing a birthday/surprise/

Desiterra has been people’s happy place for years and they we are blessed to be able to celebrate with you all the important moments in your life! Anniversary with your partner? Birthday? Whatever it is we can make it happen! We have packages for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, proposals everything. In fact, so many people choose desiterra to propose which is why the hotel is filled with so much love! Simply send an email at reservations@desiterra.gr and explain what it is you like after you have booked your stay. The reservations office will connect you directly with the concierge to help you book anything from moonlight dinners, to decorating your whole villa with rose petals and balloons, to renting out a private boat to propose, anything, because desiterra is where desires blossom and where love grows!

10. Does someone show me around the property?

When you first check in we will ask if you want a tour of the property. You are more than welcome to go freshen up and return for you tour later. The resort is indeed large but the blend of nature and architecture makes you feel like you are in an incredible secluded oasis of privacy and uncompromisable privacy. We will tour you around the resort, take you to the Eiffel pool where we have our incredible restaurant Orano which offers many menu options for breakfast, snack/lunch and dinner! We take you to our spa, gym, show you the desiterra vocanic hills and explain about the nature that we love to respect and look out for in the resort by walking you around our famous desiterra gardens.

11. I have heard the resort is large? How do we get around?

The resort is indeed on many acres of land but we have golf cars to help you get around! Just let us know with a quick whatsapp that you need a golf car 5-10 minutes before you are ready to head out and we will have a golf car to you! If you do like to walk or jog around you are more than welcome to as well!

12. Is there a beach nearby?

There is a beach nearby which you can take a transfer to for 5 euros one way. It is fully organized with finger food, drinks and lunch options, beach beds umbrellas and towels. You can also walk there if you prefer there is a small path as you exit the hotel and walk towards the beach line, but we do recommend good sneakers as it may be slightly rocky until you get to the smooth sand, about a 5 min walk if you take the waterfront shortcut. The rest of the beaches are perissa and perivolos about 30 minutes by car and Vlichada beach about 20-25 min by car where you can find Theros beach. We are more than happy to book beach beds for you, beach beds in Santorini come at an extra cost, are usually at full capacity so you will have to book a day before to be safe. These beaches are something like beach clubs, with drinks, finger food and towels. The beaches usually come in package options so you can choose if you want a cabanna or a beach bed set. Desiterra recommends seeing the red, white beaches by boat as it can be quite dangerous and is very secluded and not accessible safely by car. Make sure you book a semi-private cruise with our concierge or book a private boat if you want a more exclusive and tailor made option to see those beaches safely and go to the volcano and swim at the springs!

13. Is it located close to Fira?

It is 5 minutes from Fira by car, you can rent a car or we can take you by transfer which will be charged to your room and paid at the end. We are very strategically located where we are close to the city, a breath away you are in the middle of the restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping but perfectly secluded where you are at full zen and peace away from the hassle and bustle and the noisiness of the capital. The perfect balance!

14. I am looking for a very private place where I can feel like I am at peace and I can relax. Is this the place for me?

You have booked the right place! Uncompromising privacy, immense serenity, peace and seclusion, the ultimate peace. In the midst of nature, the desiterra gardens all around the resort which flourish as a miracle in the infertile volcanic land, the architecture of the 4,000 year old remade frescoes gracing the walls around the resort, the birds chirping in the morning near the desiterra volcanic hills and the perfect positive energy of the resort surrounding you from your first step in our lion pillars at the gates of the resort!

15. Should I book all my boats, tours and activities in advance?

 Let us do it for you when you arrive! Don’t even sweat it! We got you covered, anything you want and all your desires blossoming from rental cars, private boats, special dinners, reservations in restaurants, full schedules booked and ready for you tailor made as one of our concierge team members sits with you and plans every last detail so you are stress free and in vacation mode even in times of planning, let us take care of it!

16. I am vegetarian, vegan and gluten free are there options for me?

Of course there are! Make sure you let us know earlier so we are extra prepared but of course we have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. If you have allergies let us know and we will let our kitchen know earlier so you are all set way ahead of time!

17. Now I am part of the desiterra family, our second time staying at desiterra! How do I claim my 10% off for my next stay as part of desiterra’s loyalty program?

On our first goodbye we welcomed you to the desiterra family and gave you a 10% off for each next time you are back! Time to claim the prize of being a desiterra family member! When booking direct on our site after your booking is complete our system will have you as a desiterra family member! You can also send an email to reservations@desiterra.gr and say you are a proud desiterra loyalty member and we will verify your 10%! Happy 10 percenting and vacationing!

18. We are 9 people, we have booked for 5 as the rest are kids but older, we have a 2-year-old kid as well what are the extra costs?

If you book for 4 people and show up being 9 we must follow procedure which means that each extra person will be 60 euros/ per person/ per day. Also, the big villa which you have booked holds 4, max 5 people. If you are 9 you will need to book an extra villa for the remaining people as by law we can only accommodate up to 4 or 5 adults depending on the size of the villa. It is best you tell us for big groups in advance and our skilled reservations department can make sure you are all set, so you go straight to vacation mode when you arrive.

19. Do you have a spa?

We have the famous oasis spa! We have every single option in massage, but we recommend the deep tissue or the back relief as you will melt on the bed! Especially after a long flight, book your massage at our reception right away. We also have wrap treatments, a big jacuzzi room, a roman bathroom and sauna great options, check and book what you desire the most! We also have an amazing hair salon, everything from removing your extensions, to a nice hairdo before dinner, to changing your style to a simple blowout after breakfast. We got you! Spa and hair salon which is inside the spa works every day from 10 am to 7 pm. Perfect to go before dinner and get your hair done, after the beach for a relaxing massage as well! Here for any occasion!

20. I am not a guest but I want to come to stay at the famous Eiffel pool for the day, where can I make my reservation and how does it work?

Of course you can! The majestic Eiffel pool awaits you! You can find our Eiffel packages so you can book your pool package by calling at our reception or sending an email at reservations@desiterra.gr beforehand and we will reserve your cabanna and prep your selected package so you can spend the day! Whether you choose coffee or bubbly, there are changing rooms and showers, great drinks, and food to enjoy and spend the day soaking in the sun, getting your perfect tan and enjoying a great variety of cocktails and finger food! Great and kid friendly as well so the whole family can have fun!

21. I want to host a few people in my room for a gathering for my birthday, do they need to sign in at the reception before they come to my villa?

Yes, you will have to bring your friends to the reception to sign in (with their names and numbers) as well as which villa they are going to. They can visit you but are not allowed to stay the night. If you wish your guest to stay the night you must inform us and we will inform you of the procedure which will include an extra charge. If they someone comes and ask to meet you, we will call your room first or send you a whatsapp text to ask if you are expecting someone, if you are, we will have them sign in and send them with a golf car to your villa. If you are not expecting someone, we will not let the person in to ensure your safety. Those are safety policies that must be followed for the security and safety of all the guests.

22. Are there different menus for each time of day or is it just one menu?

There are different menus for each time of the day that correspond to certain hours in the day. The breakfast menu is available at the restaurant or for room service from 8 am to 10:30 am. The lunch menu is available starting 12 to 4 or 5 pm depending on the season (you will be informed upon arrival), the fine dining menu begins at 7 pm and is until 10:30 pm. We also have a kids menu available all day for little kids. Choose among our selection of great bottled wines, mainly Greek and local to stay close to our roots, our re-imagined cocktails and classics.

23. Are the pools heated?

The private pools are not heated as it is always summer post may and quite warm on the island, so its actually preferred that the water is kept cooler to refresh guests. The rooftop pool however on top of the spa is heated and is perfect for a dip before your massage.

24. Is there a happy hour at the bar?

Guests are informed by a daily message through whatsapp when there is a happy hour! Usually, there is a happy hour daily at the downstairs pool bar. Go dip your feet in at the lovely in pool stools and sip on your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail. The happy hour policy is one drink extra, per person per drinks. For every 1 drink 1 person gets they can get another for free.

25. Everyone is raving about desiterra’s sunrise, When do we wake up and what do we do?

Everyone is indeed! Wakeup at 6 am just for 10 minutes and go back to bed if you feel like you are not an early bird! It is the most majestic thing to watch the sun rise from inside the sea. Since our villas are directly facing the sunrise, you will be one of the first on the island to see the sunrise! If you are an early bird, we suggest a little morning yoga at your room or staying up and heading around 8 to our gym for a workout! We love to celebrate the new day, celebrate with us!

26. Can we drink the water? DO we have to go all the way to the city to get water bottles?

Please do not drink the water of the island. Buy bottles. You will find 2 complimentary bottles of water in your fridge from us so you don’t have to worry about that for your first day! Also, you don’t have to go all the way to the city to get water you can buy water at the pool bar downstairs so no need to make the effort to go to the city!

27. I have a really big family and I want sea view, but I still want a good room that is large for all 6 of us, what can you recommend?

All our villas have sea-view and private pool. If you get a two-story villa you will have two private pools for the ultimate privacy. The two story homes have 3 bedrooms and a sofa bed that turns into a full bed! SO we definitely recommend desiterra for big families!

28. What is floating breakfast, and how can I get it? Is it an extra cost?

Floating breakfast is breakfast that floats in a beautiful heart basket in your pool with whichever options of breakfast you choose for the day. Yes it comes at an extra charge, ask our reception when you check in and with a simple WhatsApp message let us know

29. Is there a gym on site? Options for me to workout?

Desiterra takes pride in offering a well-equipped gym facility to cater to our guests' fitness needs. Our gym is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient space for maintaining your workout routine while enjoying your stay. With great exercise equipment, you can engage in various cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Whether you prefer cardio workouts or weightlifting, our gym offers a range of options to accommodate different fitness preferences. Stay active and energized during your stay at Desiterra by taking advantage of our gym facility, ensuring a balanced and healthy experience.

30. I am a digital nomad and I want to book a villa for 2 weeks to come work and enjoy some good weather and Greek sun, can you accommodate me?

Desiterra is the perfect place for digital nomads! Each year we have people from all over the world professors, researchers, corporate people who want to escape their office and work abroad with seaview and flip flops instead of blazers. We can definitely accommodate you. We have fast internet, your villa is perfectly decorated for your zoom meetings and you can combine business and pleasure at all times! We also book longer stays just let us know earlier by sending an email at reservations@desiterra.gr

31. Is the property all inclusive?

The property is not all inclusive.  You will find extra charges which you can charge to you room. Your breakfast is included however your lunch and dinner as well as room service and activities etc are not.

32. What is Desiterra’s policy about pets?

Desiterra welcomes pets on request, prioritizing the safety and comfort of all residents. While charges may apply, we understand the value of pets as cherished family members. By providing information about your pet, we ensure appropriate accommodation options. Our guidelines ensure a peaceful environment, and we strive to create an inclusive community where pets and residents can coexist happily.

33. Which is Desiterra’s environmental impact?

Desiterra takes sustainability seriously. We prioritize eco-friendly materials, utilizing stone, glass, wood, and metal, reducing our environmental footprint. Embracing bioclimatic principles, our designs optimize natural elements for energy efficiency. Solar panels and renewable energy sources minimize non-renewable energy usage. We also promote responsible waste management, recycling, and composting. Through these sustainable practices, Desiterra strives to create a harmonious community which inspires a greener future in Santorini.

34. Will I have privacy at Desiterra?

At Desiterra, privacy is a paramount consideration in the design and experience of our villas. Each villa boasts complete autonomy, featuring a separate entrance, a private pool, and a terrace offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Inside, the spacious interiors exude an unpretentiously elegant ambiance, fostering an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and tranquility. We understand the significance of personal space and ensure that our guests can enjoy the utmost privacy throughout their stay. Our dedicated staff respects your need for seclusion while remaining readily available to cater to your needs, ensuring a seamless and unobtrusive experience. Experience the serenity and blissful seclusion of Desiterra, where privacy is honored and cherished.

35. Does Desiterra have a 24 hour reception?

At Desiterra, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service and assistance to our guests at any time of the day or night. That's why we have a 24-hour reception available to cater to your needs around the clock. Our dedicated and friendly staff is ready to assist you with any queries, requests, or concerns you may have during your stay. Whether you need recommendations for nearby attractions, assistance with transportation, or require any other support, our knowledgeable reception team is just a phone call or a visit away. With our 24-hour reception, we aim to ensure that your stay at Desiterra is seamless, comfortable, and convenient, offering you peace of mind and reassurance throughout your time with us.

36. Do Desiterra’s villas have Wi-Fi access?

At Desiterra, we understand the importance of staying connected, even during your vacation. That's why all of our villas are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi access. Whether you need to check emails, browse the web, or stay connected with loved ones, our reliable and fast internet connection ensures that you can stay online effortlessly. Share your memorable experiences, stream your favorite shows, or catch up on work if needed, all from the comfort of your villa. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected throughout your stay at Desiterra.

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