Beaches in Santorini

Beaches to visit in Santorini

red beach santorini

The most iconic beach of Santorini owes its name to the volcanic red rocks, pebbles and sand. Accessible through a few minutes hiking on the rocks, rewards visitors with its unique scenery, stunning views and surrounding crystal waters.

black beach santorini

Black Beach offers the longest shoreline on the island. Spanning 4 kilometers, it includes the impressively organized beaches of Perivolos and Perissa, offering long music sessions and relaxing sunbeds to enjoy your cocktail.

white beach santorini

White Beach, also known as Vlychada Beach, will take your breath away. Massive white cliffs and volcanic grey sand compose a scenery out of this world. Secluded, serene, and ideal for those craving to peacefully enjoy nature.

Cape Columbo

The most beautiful beach of Santorini according to many visitors, located near Oia. Secluded and unspoiled, this long sandy beach is an off the beaten path choice that offers stunning views and serene isolation.

Exo Gialos

The landscape at Exo Gialos is unpretentious and impressive at the same time. Tiny black pebbles, dark blue waters, looming rocks sculpted by the wind and rain. Enjoy the relaxation on the complimentary sunbeds of this quiet sandy beach, located within an 8-10 minutes walk from desiterra.

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