Nestled in Santorini, one of the world's most breathtakingly beautiful destinations, Desiterra's spa is the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Our facilities include a range of indulgent treatments and therapies, designed to help you relax, refresh and revitalize. From massages and facials, to body wraps and hydrotherapy, our skilled therapists use only the finest products and techniques to provide a truly luxurious experience.

Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or a relaxing solo retreat, Desiterra's Spa has something for you. With stunning views, a warm and friendly staff, and a tranquil atmosphere, we guarantee that your time here will be unforgettable.

1. Our philosophy

A unique wellness oasis providing a heaven for those focused on fitness and inner health will greet guests in the Spa.
Rejuvenation and rehabilitation are at the core of the Spa goals and as such every visit is focused on soothing mind, body and soul through a series of holistic treatments that blend traditional and modern techniques.
A visit to Spa marks the first step towards restoring balance and vitality. Experience unique moments through a carefully curated menu of holistic and natural treatments by the luxury spa brand Germaine de Capuccini trust in our spa professionals to restore your inner glow.
In the Spa’s calm and soothing environment, let tensions melt away, cast your gaze within, connect with what matters most and become reacquainted with the most brilliant version of yourself, ready to breathe new life into your everyday.
A sensational treatment menu with a wide range of services.Therapies that please the senses, care for the mind, body and spirit to experience optimal well-being that reflects on the beauty of your skin.

2. In the “Scrub Table” (Scrub table & steam bath)

Mediterranean Sun 100’ 
A body treatment which includes exfoliation with olive seeds, grape seeds and Argan oil and prepares the skin for exposure to the sun. The firming body mask with vitamin C which is applied afterwards offers the skin a silky, shiny and hydrated look.
Additionally, 15 minutes of relaxation in the steam bath are included.

Deluxe Pomegranate Passion 90’ 
The use of this powerful red fruit on your skin will transform it completely by keeping it young and beautiful while protecting it from free radicals. The application of the extraordinary mousse texture exfoliation with red fruit particles will clean your skin perfectly and prepare it for the antioxidant body wrap. At the end, indulge in a delightful nourishing pomegranate cream that gives an amazing glow to your skin.
Additionally, 15 minutes of relaxation in the steam bath are included.

Lavender Serenity Experience 60’ 
This great combination of body exfoliator and gel cream wrap with Lavender Essential oil eliminates dead cells and reduces dryness; nourishes and softens the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth, elastic and glossy. Its lavender scent provides inner peace and serenity.
Additionally, 15 minutes of relaxation in the steam bath are included.

Black Mud Wrap 40’ 
Mud from the depths of the sea of Brittany, rich in sea mineral salts and trace elements. It rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, providing, at the same time, all the basic substances lost due to the everyday activities and stress.
Additionally, 15 minutes of relaxation in the steam bath are included.

3. In the “Spa Suite”(Sauna & Jacuzzi)

Spa Suite for Couples 60’
Live your most beautiful moments in the Spa Suite and rejuvenate your body and your soul. Get the unique experience in a completely private area where you will find Jacuzzi, sauna and relax area for a deep revitalization and renewal.
The sense of euphoria will be enhanced with 2 glasses of wine and dried fruits or nuts.
*Ideal for Honeymooners

Our suggestion 140’ 
Enrich your spa experience combining refreshing body exfoliation with marine ingredients for detoxification and relaxing full body massage for two in double cabin.
(Spa Suite 60’, Marine Exfoliation 30’, Relaxing Body Massage 50’)

Spa Suite for Families 60’ 
Enjoy family moments in the most calm and peaceful area, teach your children thebenefits of wellness and tranquility. The Spa Suite includes the use of Jacuzzi and sauna. Take advantage of this excellent combination that improves your body condition, your mind and your soul.

Spa Suite for Friends 60’ 
Spend time with your friends by celebrating important moments of your life in the Spa suite with absolute privacy. We invite you to visit a place where you will share your joy and happiness by releasing the mind and the senses. In the area of suite you can enjoy the use of Jacuzzi and sauna. Thisbeautiful place can accommodate up to 6people.
*Ideal for Bachelor Party

4. Rituals by Germaine de Capuccini

24K Midas 110’
Maximum glamour and sophistication in a revitalizing body therapy based on “Marine Gold” that envelops the skin in a subtle Golden Wrap and an exquisite emulsion of Golden Nectar. Enjoy a soft massage with gold body wrap, rich in anti-aging properties, followed by the application of gold nectar body product, leaving the skin radiant, deeply hydrated & revitalized.  The golden look that the products leave on the skin goes well with the bronze effect after a day at the beach. The body treatment is completed with an exquisite eye treatment for eyes in flames!
*Enjoy this treatment in the afternoon for a more intense appearance of gold on the skin before your night out.

Desiterra Refreshing Face & Body Treatment 90’
A unique combination of products that relieves the skin from the effects of sun exposure. The full body massage with mint and Aloe vera immediately reconstructs, soothes and leaves you with a feeling of freshness. The experience is combined with the head massage that helps in treating headaches, migraines and neck problems effectively.The head massage is followed by the special treatment for your feet with the application of Algae Gel Wrap that improves the blood micro-circulation and eliminates the liquid and toxins for sensation of relief and freshness.The treatment is completed with the refreshing facial exfoliation with mint and the application of the aloe vera gel.

Olivo Touch 75’
Sunset in the Mediterranean is not for seeing, but for feeling. The intense orange colors of the sky, the captivating aromas and the whisper of the breeze caressing the skin... It is a true sublimation of all the senses! Contemplate an Exotic Mediterranean exfoliation and a Mediterranean Candlelight massage. A perfect combination to enjoy the relaxation of mind and spirit.

Orange Blossom 60’
Firming body treatment with high nourishing power that provides the skin with new youthfulness. By means of an exclusive exfoliation with orange peel particles, together with a creamy wrap that covers the skin with delicate luminous micro-pigments.

Phyto-care 60’
The first beauty treatment that combines the exquisite Baobab Oil and the valuable pure marine salt from Flor de Sal d’EsTrenc in Mallorca. An exclusive experience that renews and embellishes the skin, while harmonizing the senses.

5. Facial Treatments by Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini skincare powerhouse uses methodologies that stand out for more than fifty years with innovative products and meticulous protocols. All products have been developed with absolute respect for the environment while its natural ingredients are never tested on animals. Facial care is provided after a personalized diagnosis with Beauty Diagnosis Mirror by our Aesthetician.

Global Anti-age ON (Firm - Restore - Regenerate) 75’
Excellent anti-aging facial treatment based on epigenetics. Its stunning composition fills the wrinkles, rejuvenates, moisturizes the skin and activates the defense and cellular regeneration mechanisms. It contains hyaluronic acid, collagen activators and the exclusive ingredient of Germaine de Capuccini, the Zinc-Glycine complex. The ritual includes a massage with a special spoon, placed on ice and a unique metallic icy mask.
* Winner of prestigious Highest Award at 20th IFSCC (International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists), considered the Nobel Prize of Cosmetics.

Timexpert Rides Yoga (Smooth Wrinkles - Skin Density - Firm) 70’ 
Enhanced facial rejuvenation treatment that achieves smoother skin and a more relaxed expression in record time. Unprecedented benefits in reducing dynamic and static wrinkles. We achieve visible improvement of skin density thanks to facial cupping and facial yoga massage.

Timexpert Radiance C+ (Radiance - Rejuvenate - Relieve) 60’
Enriched with vitamin C derivative and Japanese Ume plum extract, this treatment is the most powerful weapon against glycosylation, which causes premature aging. Aids in fighting more effectively against oxidative stress and thus against aging characterized by the appearance of dark spots, dehydration and dull tone. The skin radiates and feels smooth and refreshing.

Timexpert Hydraluronic (Hydrate - Plump - Anti-age) 60’
A revolutionary hydration concept with exclusive formula creating an innovative facial treatment for visibly denser, dewier and more hydrated skin in all layers. A carefully selected combination of ingredients that plump, redensify and protect the skin’s hyaluronic acid, making it a cosmetic alternative to medical-aesthetic injections.

Men's C + Power (Anti-fatigue - Rejuvenate - Hydrate) 60’
Specially designed for men’s skin with lack of vitality and intense signs of fatigue.Enriched with vitamin C, birch juice and trace elements that rejuvenate the skin instantly and fill it with energy and glow while protecting it from external attacks that cause premature aging.

Purexpert (Cleanse - Renew - Smooth) 50’
Universal and personalized treatment for all skin types, either oily, normal or combination. In record time it cleanses, purifies, balances the pH, renews and soothes the skin. Reveals a more uniform, luminous and pure face.

GuaSha Eyes & Lips (Luminosity - Depuff - Firm) 45’
A fast, effective solution that works instantly on the lines and wrinkles of the eye contour. This eye and lip treatment treats dark circles and puffiness, activates collagen & elastin and increases blood circulation, offering a rejuvenated look and smoother skin. Suction cup and quartz stone are used to perform eye & lip massage to enhance the results.

6. Body Treatments by Germaine de Capuccini

Captivating body treatments to obtain a sublime and unforgettable spa experience.
Everything we do and feel has an impact on our health, finally showing on our skin, which is the mirror of our emotions. The body packages have been designed carefully according to your needs.
The therapist captures the emotions and determines the most suitable product for balancing your mood and making our treatments a unique and memorable experience.

6.1 Exfoliations (optional: on the scrub table)
Santorini Lava & Bamboo 40’
This explosive body treatment invites you to enjoy a fresh exfoliation with particles of bamboo, argan, olive and orange. Afterwards Jeju volcanic water, rich in hyaluronic acid, anti-ageing, moisturizing and antioxidant elements is applied on the body.
Mediterranean Scrub 30’
Inspired by the most exotic Mediterranean: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Istanbul... A therapy that is a true enjoyment due to the aromas and textures of argan shell, olive seeds, grape seeds, orange water, etc. A truly exciting moment.
Marine Scrub 30’
Frees the skin of dead cells by means of delicious massage movements with a taste of the sea that will leave it extremely smooth and deeply hydrated and supple.

6.2 Wraps
Mediterranean after Sun 40’ 
A refreshing and energizing wrap containing Aloe Vera and Mint which is deeply regenerating and ideal as an after-sun treatment.
Svelte Body Marine Wrap 30’
Sensational wrap with a slimming and de-toxifying effect that contains a great richness of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and iodine. Made up of micronized marine algae and natural marine salt.

7. Post Sun facial & body treatments by Germaine de Capuccini

Post Sun Facial 50’
Professional treatment with an antioxidant action that repairs even the most damaged skin. Ideal for restoring irritated skin and for deep nourishment, especially after sun exposure. Provides all the nutrients the skin needs to appear renewed, hydrated and youthful.

Mediterranean Post Sun Body 60’
A refreshing and deeply hydrating body treatment with Aloe Vera and Mint ingredients that sooth and regenerate the skin. Its composition stimulates collagen production, restores and renews the skin while cleanses and removes the dead cells through a gentle sea aroma exfoliation.

8. Massage Collection

Santorini Hot Healing Stones (Warm - De-stress - Stimulate Blood Circulation) 50’ / 75’
The massage techniques are combined with the properties of the volcanic stones and the essential oils. The heated massage stones are placed on key points of the body, releasing the accumulated energy from the chakras, while inducing a feeling of total harmony, wellbeing and profound muscular relaxation.

Candle Wish (Nourish - Relax - Stress Relief) 50’ / 75’
A soothing and deeply relaxing massage with golden drops of warm candle that melt all over the body. Choose between notes of lavender, olive and citrus, which calm the senses and hydrate the skin.
Sunset in Egypt-Citrus
Close your eyes and let yourself be seduced by the charm of citrus fragrance from Egypt. Its aromatherapeutical action relieves stress and anxiety while its properties hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.
The Color of Provence-Lavender
Leave stress behind and enjoy a massage with candle lavender fragrance in the dusk of Provence. A complete aromatic experience guaranteed to soothe the body, ease the mind and calm the soul.
Flavour of Andalucia-Olive
Enjoy an unforgettable massage with 100% Mediterranean sense and natural benefits of olives that makes your skin silk and soft. A natural antioxidant product that helps maintain the skin youthful, supple and incredibly smooth.

Deep Tissue Body Massage (Release Tension - Uplift - Renew) 50’ / 75’
Deep pressure massage with specific techniques and focus on the trigger points that relieve muscle tension and stress, targeting the deeper layers of the muscles’ connective tissue. Firm pressure from elbows and forearms loosen stiff muscles and joints for improved circulation and better overall flexibility.

Back Stress Relief (De-stress - Reduce tension - Relieve) 40’
Choose between back, neck & shoulders and full back side massage that release tension and reduce the daily stress. The combination of essential oils, help in the total muscle relaxation and provide a sense of tranquility. Select one of the following according to your needs:
A relaxing massage based on slow movements that reduce stress levels and favour concentration.
An invigorating massage with toning, rhythmic and fast movements that provide vitality and energy for the senses.
A deep and energizing massage with slow movements and lissages like lymphatic and pumping drainage that alleviate muscle pain, stimulate circulation and enhance the overall well-being.

Head and Shoulders Therapy (Unblock - Recover - Nourish) 30’
Formulated with five original oils that revitalize sensitive & irritated hair, offering the desired comfort while you immerse in total relaxation with a soothing scalp & shoulders massage. Your hair is strengthened, it recovers its natural shine and immediately acquires extreme smoothness.

Feet Rejuvenation (Relieve - Release Energy Flow - Energize) 30’
This delightful foot and lower leg massage will stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems to leave hard working feet walking on air. The perfect retreat after a long day of sightseeing or shopping.

Prenatal (Reduce Fluid Retention - Anti-fatigue - Relax) 50’
Specially developed for mothers to be, this experience employs massage techniques to relieve tension, soothe muscles and reduce pain caused by shifts in posture. Applying moisturizing almond oil, the skin feels hydrated, soft and silky. This inspirational therapy connects mother and child with the strength of contact.

Goodbye Cellulite (Anti-Cellulite - Firm - Tone) 40’
Slimming and firming massage that achieves a substantial improvement of the skin, produces more firmness, suppleness and a lifting effect and definition of contours. The specific massage techniques on the legs and buttocks with the combination of algae cream stimulates blood circulation, activates lipolysis and transforms cellulite into firmness.

9. In love Experience *Excellent choice for Honeymooners.

Couples Massage 50’ / 75’ 
Specially selected essential oils, in combination with two rhythmic, relaxing massages that relieve tension, restore the senses and offer absolute calm to the couple.

Make 2 Candle Wishes(body & face) 110’
Authentic massage with golden drops of a warm candle that melt all over the body. Choose between notes of lavender, olive or citrus, which calm the mind and hydrate the body. Under the candlelight, relax with your partner and travel to a place where you are just the two of you.After the massage enjoy a facial treatment to hydrate and refresh the skin. This excellent treatment uses Royal Jelly to improve the durability of the skin, in order to maintain its beauty and youthfulness, provide immediate intense hydration and give vitality to dull, tired or sunburnt skin.

Our Suggestion
Enrich your treatment experience combining the use of the sauna & Jacuzzi 1h in the Spa Suite.

10. Beauty Services

Spa Manicure 45’
Spa Pedicure 60’
Nail Coloring 20’
Shellac Manicure 50’
Shellac Pedicure 65’
Shellac (coloring) 25’
Shellac (removal) 20’

Hair Salon

11. How to spa with us

Operation Hours
Daily 10:00-19:00

Our goal is your complete relaxation during your visit and your immersion in the Spa Experience. For this reason, we have taken advanced measures to protect our guests prior to their arrival, ensuring them a safe and serene journey.
For the safety of our guests and staff, if you or a family member has experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 7 days, please contact the Spa before your arrival, appointment or use of the premises to obtain more information: cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat or headache.
As a reminder, if you or a family member has recovered from any of these symptoms in the last 14 days, we kindly ask you to inform the Spa prior to your arrival.

Please contact the Spa reception to book an appointment. We recommend making a reservation to guarantee your preferred treatment and time. 

We understand that plans can change, and we will do the best to accommodate your needs. However, as all Spa time is under reservation, should you need to cancel or change your booking kindly inform our team 24 hours in advance to avoid billing. Otherwise, cancellations made less than 6 hours before treatment(s) time, will result in you being charged 50% of the treatment(s) cost.

As many Spa treatments serve to improve blood circulation through the application of special body pressure techniques, we advise against eating a heavy meal before your treatment. However, a light snack is appropriate. Alcohol is forbidden before any Spa treatment. We recommend that you do not bring your valuables into the treatment room. The Spa bears no responsibility for the loss of any personal belongings.

Kindly arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Delayed arrival will reduce the available time for your treatment. It will therefore reduce its effectiveness and your pleasure. This is your moment and we want you to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Please let us know about any preferences you have regarding room temperature, pressure and music. Your care is our highest priority.

The Spa is dedicated to maintaining an environment of peace and tranquility. Help us by respecting our atmosphere of privacy and quiet, by putting your mobile phone in flight mode during your Spa stay. Smoking, alcohol and eating at Spa are prohibited.

In our catalogue you will find specially formulated treatments for women during pregnancy and for those who are nursing. Please allow the Spa team to guide you, helping you choose which treatment is the most suitable during this special time.

Gift vouchers are available for any treatment, combination of treatments or home care products and are an ideal gift for someone you love and want to care for. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and must be presented during treatment or purchase.

Please inform us at the time of booking of any medical condition or special needs. This will allow the Spa team to guide you in selecting the right treatments. Before any treatment, our staff will ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire. We fully comply with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Payment is completed before your treatment at the Spa reception and all credit cards are accepted.

The Spa is suitable for guests over 18 years of age. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by the parent.

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