The desiterra Concept

Your Own Summer Home in Santorini

Desiterra was designed to offer the experience of

  • Uncompromising Privacy

Your very own villa, your own private pool - just you and your favorite people

  • Unpretentious Luxury

A true feeling of luxury that arises from simplicity, authenticity, beauty, and purity.

  • Unparalleled Peace & Serenity

Strategically located minutes from the main town of Fira yet secluded enough to be protected from the hustle and bustle to allow for relaxation and undisturbed, peace.

An Ode to the Santorinian architecture & landscape

Desiterra villas are built with great respect to Santorinian architecture and blend in perfectly with the landscape creating a beautiful Santorinian village. The villa designs range from bioclimatic cave houses to contemporary Santorinian houses. They only use 4 materials stone, glass, wood, and metal.

The Celebration of each New day

All villas face east towards the sunrise and are showered by sunlight from the very first minute of sunrise until the last minute of sunset. One of desiterra’s biggest wonders is waking up to watch the sunrise, an experience that speaks to the human soul as we celebrate the beginning of a new day, so simple yet so underrated.

Honoring nature’s gifts

The desiterra gardens are known on the island as they foster more than 20,000 plants. Desiterra is surrounded by mountains shaped by volcanic ash that date back to more than 4,000 years.
There are only two places where these mountains exist on the island. The lava is said to have acted like a sculptor as it carved the mountain and froze. Today, the natural nests created by the lava freezing are home to more than a dozen types of birds.

Santorinian Frescoes, the source of the desiterra Villa’s Identity

Our identity was born from the colors and figures of the Santorinian frescoes. Each villa is named after a Santorinian frescoe found in the museum of prehistoric Thira and the aesthetic of the villa mirrors that of the painting found in the villa which the villa is named after. A sense of paying homage to the history of the island is found all over the resort.

desiterra’s sustainable footprint

We value the importance of a net zero energy balance. Desiterra’s key shareholder Tryfon Energy Corp ltd produces electricity from solar panels allowing for net zero co2 emissions in the whole shareholder group. We constantly look to expand our environmental efforts, as a sustainable tomorrow starts with a responsible today.

Santorini in uncompromising privacy


Each of our villas enjoys full autonomy, with a separate entrance, private pool and terrace, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Spacious, unpretentiously elegant interiors create an ideal atmosphere, while exteriors lavishly range from 200 το 1,000sq.m.

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