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Welcome to Desiterra Resort in Santorini

A serene retreat nestled on the enchanting island of Santorini, an iconic Greek destination.
the experience
Begin your Journey to Santorini with Desiterra Resort
the experience

Begin your Journey to Santorini with Desiterra Resort

At Desiterra you experience the sensual awakening of being surrounded by visions of elegance and style – an amalgam of contemporary art and natural chic design.
A plurality of emotions that sweeps over you, uncovering the multidimensional you that brings richness and vitality back to your daily life.

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Surrender to a world of luxury retreats
Why opt for a beach stroll when you can indulge in a refreshing swim in Desiterra's expansive outdoor pool? Enjoy peaceful sunbathing by the pool's edge, savor your coffee or cocktail while gazing at the beautiful Santorini sea, and engage in conversations whenever you desire.

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