The Eiffel Pool
in Santorini

Do you want to visit the eiffel pool in santorini?

Known for its peculiar shape that resembles that of the Parisian Eiffel tower, the Eiffel pool is the place to be at desiterra and is home to the submerged pool bar and restaurant. The small dips and edges create little spaces within the pool brining a sense of privacy and relaxation. The waterfall edge of the pool extends out into the open and faces the beautiful Aegean Sea.

Not a guest with the hotel and wish to come for the day?

Why walk to the beach when you can take a dive at desiterra’s spacious outdoor pool? Sunbathe in tranquility on the poolside, sipping your coffee or cocktail, and even socialize, when you feel like it.

All-day Pool Offers 

Take an infinite dive into your desires

Experience an all-day, infinite sense of peace, joy and relaxation, laying on a sunbed reserved exclusively for you. 

Unwind and leave everything behind, while sipping your favorite beverage and fulfilling all your heart’s desires, by Desiterra’s pool.

1. Cabanna Paradise

Your own desiterra Cabanna, pool towels, Bottle of Champagne Rosé, fruit platter, Charcuterie board 
180€ per 2 people

2. Brût Escape

Your own desiterra Cabanna, pool towels, Bottle of Brût Champagne, fruit platter, charcuterie board  
150€ per 2 people

3. Summer Living

Your own desiterra Cabanna, pool towels, bottle of wine or Prosecco, fruit platter, charcuterie board 
100€ per 2 people

4. Casual Escape

Your own desiterra set of sun beds, pool towels, coffee or refreshments 
50€ per 2 people

*all packages include free parking

*packages are per 2 people

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